Imaginary Friend?
"Brian Flemming's most famous project was 2001's Bat Boy: The Musical, an off-Broadway show based on the tabloid-created bat child. Now he's turned his attention to a figure he claims is equally fictional: Jesus Christ. His new documentary, The God Who Wasn't There, irreverently lays out the case that Jesus Christ never existed."

Fox News Channel:
Interview with Brian Flemming

Los Angeles Times:
Documentary Questions Existence of Jesus
"Asked why he chose to question Jesus' existence instead of his divinity, Flemming said: 'I think that the idea that an individual could be the son of a god is already so ridiculous it doesn't need to be debunked.'"

San Francisco Bay Guardian:
Faith Nil
"So, did Jesus exist? Flemming, a former hardcore fundamentalist, taps his sense of humor (deadpan narration; a rapid-fire, Hollywoodized race through the life of Jesus; adding up all the acts of violence in The Passion of the Christ) and the talking heads of authors, historians, and folklorists to state his case. The God Who Wasn't There is thought-provoking enough to maybe crack open a few closed minds."

Christianity Today:
Debunking Jesus?
"What if Jesus never existed? How much do Christians know about the origins of their faith? And are we willing to talk about it? These are some of the questions explored in The God Who Wasn't There, an irreverent Michael Moore-like documentary."

Fox News Channel
Alan Colmes Radio Show
Taking the Christ out of Christmas.

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