Alan Dundes

Alan Dundes, who died shortly after being interviewed for The God Who Wasn't There, was professor of folklore at the University of California at Berkeley. Dundes was one of the school's most beloved professors.

Professor Dundes was renowned for his fearlessness. He wrote a book about folklore in the Koran, as well as a book titled Holy Writ as Oral Lit: The Bible as Folklore.

While The God Who Wasn't There presents the case that Jesus Christ never existed, Dundes, like most in his field, was more interested in folklore than in history. He staked out no position on the historicity of Jesus.

However, in this clip, Dundes does clearly place the New Testament stories about Jesus in the category of legend.

In The God Who Wasn't There, Dundes goes on to explore the "hero pattern," demonstrating that the Jesus character squarely fits into the mold of other fictional heroes who came before him.

Additionally, in the DVD's special features, there is an extended interview with Dundes, in which this engaging and often humorous speaker offers insights into a variety of subjects related to religion and folklore.

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"Provocative -- to put it mildly"
--Los Angeles Times

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