Reviews of Best Structured Settlement Companies

Structured settlements, also referred to as periodic payments, are the negotiated financial or insurance agreements through which the claimant agrees to resolve a personal injury claim by receiving his settlement in small bits over an agreed span of time on a set schedule. Majority of the settlement in cases involved in personal injuries are paid in lump sums. However much some claimant would prefer the lump sum, some cases end in structured payments as deemed in a court of law. In such cases, structured settlement companies are required. Such companies buy the structured settlement and give their consumers a lump sum that they require.

However due to the rise of scammers who would take your money and pay you a small portion then disappear with the rest of the
settlement if you are not careful. Getting a good, honest and trustworthy company is really hard. Here we give you a review of the best-structured settlement companies in 2018.

J.G. Wentworth

This is one of the largest structured settlement companies in the US. With 26 years of operation, it has really helped thousands of its customers by buying out their future structured settlements and annuity payments. It offers free, no-obligation quotes at the fair price with signing bonuses and cash advances. It also offers personalized solutions with a great customer care service which offers assistance to its many clients.

It has received an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau for its customer satisfaction ratings. It also had a few negative reviews on the Better Business Bureau which were all responded to in a timely and friendly manner.

Fairfield Funding

With 9 years of operation, Fairfield Funding has been on the forefront as one of the best structured settlement companies due to its best price and fast payment rate of just one business week. They also offer no interest advances and fast closings. They also settle lottery winnings with a
single payout as long as the state you won the lottery in allows the winner to sell his winnings over to them.

structured settlement

Another factor that has made this company soar above the others is its willingness to match the rates offered by other companies to purchase your annuities be it lottery winnings or other periodic payments. Fairfield Funding has been awarded an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau
due to its stellar performance and a high rate of customer satisfaction. On the Better Business Bureau website, it has not yet received a negative comment or review, just positive reviews are seen.

Peachtree Financial Solutions

Peachtree financial solutions have been in the structured settlement market for over 20 years. During this span of time, it has helped thousands of its clients by purchasing their structured payments. The thing that sets this company apart from the rest is the various services they offer; ranging from buying future structured payments, annuities, lottery winnings, and even the active non-settled lawsuits. They have an active customer care service with great and helpful assistants.

This company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, with only one negative review where the reviewer states that they kept calling him afterward. That was his claim but he never stated any further reason as to why they kept calling him.


The above mentions companies are the top three Best Structured Settlement Companies we found with high volumes of accreditations
and positive remarks. It would be our recommendations that if you are in need to sell you structured payments, annuities, lottery winnings and or any other forms of periodic payments, consider aligning yourself with the trusted companies that have a proven track record.

The best thing about all these companies is how they all have a consideration for their clients need and do no defraud their consumers. They also do not buy any employer-related periodic payments like pensions and others like some fraudulent companies do.

If you are ever in need of selling your annuity, you should never just get one company, try getting quotes from various and see what quote suits you best. The above reviews of the best structured settlement companies are intended for this purpose, please go through the three companies that offer the best and highest rates in the industry and select what best suits you.